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Greetings from Australia

Christa McAuliffe Students and Staff love to travel. During the year, we offer day excursions lead by classroom teachers and Staff members. There's also the occasion overnight tour hosted by a club. Yet, what we are becoming famous for in Lodi Unified 

School District are our multi-day extended tours. 


Here are some examples. Each year, Ms. Yeager takes students to Washington, D.C. Mrs. McCoy leads our Christa McAuliffe young astronauts on an adventure to Space Camp. 2017 marks the completion of our first international trip with Mr. Barnett, co-advisor of our school's DSN Club


When school starts, be sure sure to check out all the travel options that are available to you and your family at Christa McAuliffe Middle School.
DC trip 2017
















D.C. New York Trip, March 2017

Space Camp 2017








Space Camp, June 2017