Eagles Forest Garden Club

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Spring 2015 This is the site where the school garden will be

When and Where

Every Friday in P1

From 3:15-4:00

Ms. Reavill brings organic snacks, and everyone is welcome to bring their own.  Our motto: Come when you can; stay as long as you can.

Garden Club Rules

Be Polite

Listen When Others are Speaking

2016-17 School Year

Last year we got a grant for redwood lumber for our raised beds and began building.  This year we are continuing to build and laying out the garden design with our new fence enclosure.

2016-2017 School Year

This year we started out with some really great news.  We received funding from Got Kids to construct our raised beds for our vegetable and flower garden.  The year is at it's beginning, and we will have another project to work on at the get go.  Hopefully, we will have our members from last year and new members from this year's new seventh graders.  We meet in Ms. Reavill's Room P-1 every Friday.

2015-2016 Year Recap

This year started out with a project.  We planted four species of California Natives in one of the squares that we saved the previous year in the quad.  We planted yarrow, pennstemon, buckwheat, and stickey monkey flower.  This was the culmination of a lot of work, circulating petitions and working with maintenance and operations the year before.  Everyone was so supportive.  So, 2015-16 was the year garden club took stewardship and a little corner of CMMS.  We watered, weeded, and picked up trash all year long to make this little corner attractive and uplifting.


Garden Club also received funding from one of the academic departments, and with it created a seed library.  The club selected the seeds to plant in our school garden, and stored them in plastic jars and made envelopes for anyone who would like to take a pinch of seed home to plant.


The end of the year we had visits from our Master Gardener Pat Collier, who has been assigned to us through UC Davis Extension Master Gardeners.  We enjoyed having her with us, her knowledge and support.


We also applied for a grant from Got Kids for funds for wood for raised beds.  Our school vegetable and flower garden is sited on a slope behind the band room.  We have water access and have been promised a fence to keep accidents and vandalism to a minimum.


Oh, we also had a tool drive.  We received our first set of donations from gloves to shovels, rakes, and everything we needed to get going our first year.  We were extremely grateful to the community, staff, and students.

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Welcome to the Eagles Forest Garden Club at Christa McAuliffe

At the end of last year, a few students pioneered the Christa McAuliffe Middle School Garden Club.  Our goal was to create a campus garden where we could produce organic vegetables and fruit year round.  Eventually, we could see this becoming integrated into the curriculum as an outdoor classroom, and providing fresh produce to the cafeteria.  We were given a site behind the school's band room and are awaiting fencing and plumbing to a nearby drinking fountain.

In the mean time, ornamental pear trees that had graced the quad since the the school was built had become too large and, their roots were becoming a possible hazard as they could lift up the cement, so the district had them removed.  It was a sad day for everyone to come to school and see them gone.  What would have made matters worse were plans to cement in the squares over. 

The Garden Club circulated a petition to ask the district to allow us to plant California Native flowers and bushes which would give back some natural beauty to the quad and allow for everyone  an education on the plant communities of our area.  We gathered over 440 signatures, and this convinced the district to dismiss plans to cement the squares.  They allowed us to choose and design the squares.  Since Natives are fast becoming extinct, it is a way to establish a sort of natural museum for everyone's education and enjoyment.

The Garden Club is working with the district to select plants and plan a design for one square.  Once that happens, we are looking forward to planting the rest in the spring.


Work on the Squares Sept 2015

Work on the Squares Sept 2015

We were so excited to see the work start on installing a fence around the west side square in the quad.  Once a fence is installed, we can plant Calirornia Native flowers and bushes.

Save the Squares Petition 2015


Circulation During Lunch


Student Involvement